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Solenoid valve
S Series Air Treatment Component
AC2000-5000 Air Combination 's PDF
AC2010 5010 Air Combination 's PDF
AW Filter Regulator 's PDF
AF Series Filter 's PDF
AR Series Regulator 's PDF
AL Series Lubricator 's PDF

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solenoid valve symbol

Symbol for 2V Series Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Symbol for 2W & 2Way

The different parts of a solenoid valve

different parts of a solenoid valve

1. Valve Body
4. Coil / Solenoid  
7. Plunger 
2. Inlet Port
5. Coil Windings
8. Spring
3. Outlet Port  

6. Lead Wires

9. Orifice

Solenoid valve operational principle

Solenoid valve operational principle A-Input side
C-Pressure chamber
D-Pressure relief conduit
F-Output side

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