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pneumatic cylinders

SC/SU Standard Cylinder
SDA Series Compact Cylinder
CQ2 Series Compact Cylinder


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The P on the logo of the Group stands for initial of "people" in the shape of a red flag aflutter in the forthcoming breeze, implying the company's endeavour under the lead of the Communist Party of China; six slanting masts stand for all member companies; the masts is in navy blue, standing for the scientific , sensible, calm and efficient spirit which is widely adopted in the electronics industry.

People Brand is awarded Chinese Famous Brand

China Famous Brand Product and China's World-wide Famous Product was solemnly held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. People brand dry-type power transformer was awarded the title of Chinese Famous Brand, which is another significant achievement in the group's brand construction after the rank of People brand in China Top 500 Valuable Brand with the brand &value of RMB 3.892 billion.

Pneumatic Fittings







Auxiliary Components

Air Gun  PU Hose  Coil Tube  Glide Switch  Multi-Ways Connector  Oil Tuble

A Series Air Treatment Component

AC/BC Air Combination AFC/BFC Air Combination AR/BR Regulator
AF/BF Air Filter AFR/BFR Filter Regulator AL/BL Lubricator
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