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The United States guests visited People Ele. Appliance

7th of June 2008, the United States Partner Mr. Lin Jiefu paid a visit to People Electrical Appliance Group. Accompanied by General Manager, Ye Yusen ,the guests visited the group exhibition to learn more about the history of the development of the Group of the people, the development model, corporate culture, social values, leading industries, diversified development, as well as received honors for these years and so on.

People GROUP CEO took part in more love Foundation

1st of June 2008, People Electrical Appliance board chairman Zhen Yuanbao as a public figure who made outstanding contribution to charity was invited to participate in the eastern suburbs hotel in Shanghai at the inaugural ceremony of "more Love Foundation".   

PEOPLE development of hydropower projects in the field of general contracting

Following the 2006 British masterpiece worked with  "king of shipping" on the shipbuilding industry, People Electrical Appliance recently bold in Vietnam, "an electric shock." Vietnam PETN Station which People Electrical Appliance is the General Contracting Group will be in formal operation in May 2009 .It could supply one-sixth of Vietnam land area of industrial and residential electricity consumption." This is the first domestic private enterprises involved in cross-border development of hydropower projects in field of general contracting.

People Ele.Appliance Group held Brand Culture Expo

People Ele.Appliance Group held Brand Culture Expo
February 1st 2009 during China Electrical Appliance Culture Festival, there is one exhibition stand in B zone swarmed with visitors but do not see any products .-The innovative and creative of the exhibition is because of strong joint of the People Electrical Appliance Group with ,presenting a unique "culture feast" for the Ninth China Electrical Appliance Culture Festival , attracted many visitors and they gave high evaluation of it.

The United States Atlanta Chamber of Commerce delegations visited PEOPLE

The United States Atlanta Chamber of Commerce delegations visited People electrical Appliance Group. They express their sincere admiration at the 10 years of People Ele. Appliance tremendous achievements after they visited the exhibition halls and production scene, . During the inspection, when they learned that People Ele. Appliance GDP in 2007 exceeded 17.5 billion, brand value of 4.339 billion yuan, and was listed as 500 China Top Enterprises for many years, 500 World Top Machinery Enterprises, the United States Atlanta Chamber of Commerce delegations expressed keen interest .

China Quality Award

Under the efforts of all members of People electric appliance group, We finally won "China Quality Award" on 2008-11-06.

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