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People Electrical Appliance to support "Shenqi" fly into outer space

25th of september 2008, an important day of  China space history - the success of Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft launch. When good news came, attracted worldwide attention .The world  focused attention on China once again, People Electrical Appliance Group become ecstatic as well as all of the sons and daughters of China all over the world which is located in the East China Sea . because "Shenqi" 's successful launch, there is a dedication of People Electrical Appliance.

People Ele. Appliance enters the list "China Machinery Top 500" ranked No. 18

2008 "China Machinery 500 Top Study" and " World Top 500 Machinery" conference recently held in Beijing, People Electric Appliance made another new level, jumping to "China Machinery 500" No. 18, it was listed as the first place of the National Transmission and Distribution and control equipment manufacturing industry , Zhejiang Province was in the second place on the list, entered the "World's Top 500 machinery," once again.

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