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In order to effectively push forward the development of Yiwu small commodity market to a new level, transformation and upgrade of Yiwu manufacturing sector is the key and an important part to achieve "high-level breakthrough and high-level development". Under the current circumstances, Yiwu development of the manufacturing industry is facing new development opportunities. So it needs to take a new industrialization road, to exert to adjust and optimize industrial structure, to speed up the transformation the mode of economic growth, to create Yiwu advanced manufacturing base and to enhance the overall strength of the industrial economy, vitality and competitiveness Force.

Zhen Yuanbao took part in International Electrical Expo

When board chairman Zhen Yuanbao was in an interview with CCTV journalists, pointing out that after years of carefully nurtured, the China International Exhibition of machinery and electronic products will become mature continously . People Electrical Appliance has been taking good advantage of this platform, and have received an unprecedented development in Wuhan of Hubei Province.During recent five machinary fairs, People Electrical Appliance is always invited as a special delegation, through twelve years of efforts, People Electrical Appliance's development has been integrated into the track of globalization, has become an important force of China electrical industry, as well as have made due contributions to central China.

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