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"People" Brand Awarded " China Famous Trademark"

Word and figurative mark of “People” brand was recognized by State Administration for Industry and Commerce as “China Famous Trademark” on January 5, which brought a big gift to the 10 th anniversary of the People Electrical Appliance Group.

Pneumatic valves

pneumatic valves Air operated valve
Hand operated valve
Foot operated valve
Mechanical valve
Flow control valve
Quick exhaust valve
Check valve

Air treatments

Air treatment Air treatment
S-air treatment component
A-air treatment component
Q-air treatment component
Other air Treatment component


cylinder Standard cylinders
Compact cylinders
Mini cylinders
Multi-mounted cylinder
Twin-rods cylinder
Slide cylinder
Cylinder parts

Control components

Pneumatic valve Solenoid Valves
Mechanical valve
Flow control valve
Air operated valve
Quick exhaust valve
Foot operated valve
Hand operated valve
Check valve

Air Valve

4V100 air valve
4A100 air valve 4A200 air valve 4A300 air valve
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