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The China's People electrical apparatus group is one of the top 500 enterprises, founded in 1996.
People Group
China PEOPLE group pneumatic equipment CO.,LTD is a sub-company of People Group, a professional pneumatic component manufacturer in industrial and process automation. With thousands kind of products, people pneumatic will fill out most of the customers requirement. Our main products range include pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders, air filter,air preparation, lubricator, regulator, PU hose, quick tube connectorAir Gun / pneumatic fittings etc. With long time service expreience in industrial automation field, we shall be your right selection and helper on improving your productivity.

PEOPLE honor

China Machinery 500
China National Machinery
and 500 enterprises
ISO9001 Quality System

OHSAS18001 enterprise
security management  certification

ISO14001 environmental
management certification

About China PEOPLE group

The China's People electrical apparatus group is one of the top 500 enterprises, founded in 1996.
The Group's principal business lies in industrial electronics, yet the consortium also covers a broad range of other industries including energy, metropolitan construction, contemporary logistics, import & export, investment, electronic information technology, etc. The company is comprised of four bases countrywide located in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Shandong, eleven wholly owned subsidiaries, holding shares of eighty-five member companies, more than 800 contracted companies and more than 2000 sales companies. Its products are sold in more than fifty countries and regions around the world, applied in national important projects, like Pudong Inernational Airport, Three Gorges Project, Subway in Beijing, Olympic Palaestras, and the like. It's one of the best sellers among its Chinese peers.
Total assets amount to RMB 5.099 million Yuan. It's listed as one of the world's mechanic 500. At present, "People" is one of the most valuable Chinese brand names, assessed by the World Brand Laboratory at RMB 4.125 billion.

Management innovation

People Group's institutional framework is managed according to modern enterprise system with corporate representative system under the lead of director board. People Group's director board which was born by general meeting of share holders in April, 1996 is the group's entitlement executive organ.

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Pneumatic product introduction
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Pneumatic accessories  C Quick Couplers  Air Gun  PU Hose

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The P on the logo of the Group stands for initial of "people" in the shape of a red flag aflutter in the forthcoming breeze, implying the company's endeavour under the lead of the Communist Party of China; six slanting masts stand for all member companies; the masts is in navy blue, standing for the scientific , sensible, calm and efficient spirit which is widely adopted in the electronics industry.

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