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The P on the logo of the Group stands for initial of "people" in the shape of a red flag aflutter in the forthcoming breeze, implying the company's endeavour under the lead of the Communist Party of China; six slanting masts stand for all member companies; the masts is in navy blue, standing for the scientific , sensible, calm and efficient spirit which is widely adopted in the electronics industry.


Listed on the top 500 strength is not the ultimate object, the won reputation and glory is only the epitome of history.

For many years, this group publicity of its brand on various national wide media with multi-directionally and three-dimensionally ,combining the marketing and sales with service and spread of products and other modes to expand the force of brand. Adopting many modes to all-directional build the "People" brand from sectors of products, quality, service, market, advertisement, culture, technology etc. At the same time, in the enterprise, persist in learning, upgrading quality, out the enterprise, to unionize the enterprise public image of credit, honest, observe discipline and bravely undertake social responsibility. In the short term of ten years, its strength brand have founded in the industrial electrical apparatus field. In 2005, the "People" brand have determined as " The most valued brand in China's top 500 strengths", In 2006, "People" trade mark has been determined as The Famous Brand of China. In January, 2007, "People" trademark is assessed as 500 Most Valuable Trademark of China.

The People electrical apparatus,the strong brand of China's industrial electrical apparatus, vertically stand heavenward, to write the bright chapter in China's nation brand.


With advanced developing concept, the People electrical apparatus group dedicated to pursue the sustainable development through process of bigger, stronger, more excellent and more longer business. From moving to Liu city to ally and holding, from establish seven sub-company of professional speciality to march to Shanghai, from annexing state-own enterprise to layout national-widely; from products making to brand operation, from capital managing to capital operation, the image of work laboriously of "People" person can be seen all over China. Since 2002, this group push forward into list of China's top 500 strong enterprises; In 2003, rely on its excellent business achievement , listing the Top 500 of world's machine building industry in one shot.

Today, guided by the policy of "Based on Wenzhou, aimed at whole country, serving the global",the People electrical apparatus stride forward with his chin up the world top 500 enterprises.


We are not satisfactory with the 100% up to grade, we are pursue the 100% excellence.

The "People" pursue the best standard ten-year as one day, taking "Continuously satisfy customer's request and continuously create &value for customer" as target, taking the hi-tech equipment, advanced technical capacity, excellent quality control, perfect productive management regulation and the service system with quality and speed as safeguard, to enable People's brand growing up in industrial electrical apparatus field. In this 10-year, the Market share of "people" electrical apparatus is climbing continuously, it has become one of the biggest maker of electrical apparatus in China.

The media reports of people brand:

People Brand is awarded Chinese Famous Brand
People Electric Appliance be included in China Top 500 Valuable Brand

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