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Mini Cylinders

1) MSA: single extrusion type
2) MAD: dual axis double acting type
3) MACD: dual axis double acting damping type
4) MAJ: adjustable double acting type
5) MACJ: adjustable double acting damping type
6) MAR: double acting buffering type
7) Conforms to ISO 6432 standard
8) Lubrication: not required

DNC Standard cylinder - ISO6431

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    To reach the best system performance,you need advanced pneumatic actuators. Modular sery cylinders adopt the artistic aluminium extruded sections,their front and rear end caps are fixed on the barrel with bolts directly.
    Attached with adjustable buffer at both ends,and mounted stroke switch for detecting the conversion position. Piston rod with/without mageretic ring,sensor-position is optional if necessary or unnecessary. Stroke switch could mount on the cylinder,parrel directly,no need mounting bracket.

pneumatic cylinders

SC/SU Standard Cylinder
SDA Series Compact Cylinder
CQ2 Series Compact Cylinder

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