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Pneumatic component

China People Pneumatic Equipment Co., Ltd main pneumatic component products range include Control Component , Execute Component , Air Treatment , Auxiliary Component etc.

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China PEOPLE group pneumatic equipment CO.,LTD (China pneumatic) main products range include pneumatic component, Execute component, Control component, Auxiliary Component, Air treatment, pneumatic cylindersAlloy Mini Cylinder, Standard CylinderCompact CylinderTwin-Ends CylinderStainless Steel Mini Cylinder, Pneumatic valves, Hand Operated Valve, Foot operated valve, Mechanical valve, ASC Flow Control Valve, Flow control valve, Check valve, Quick exhaust valve, Air Valve, Air Operated Valve, Flow control valve, solenoid valves, air filter, air preparation, lubricator, regulator, PU hose, quick tube connector, pneumatic fittingsPneumatic accessoriesPneumatic equipmentsPneumatic parts etc. 

Execute component

Execute component series : SC/SU Standard Cylinder, SCD Twin-Ends Cylinder, SDA Compact Cylinder,CQ2 Compact Cylinder, MGP Compact Cylinder, TN Twin-Rods Cylinder, MA Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder, CU Multi-Mounted Cylinder, STM Slide Cylinder, CM2 Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder, MHC2 Pneumatic Finger, MHZ2 Pneumatic Finger, MAL Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder, Cylinder Mounting Accessories, Sensor Switch, CJ2 Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder .

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Pneumatic association website for the world
Australia Fluid Power Society of Victoria Inc.-Hydraulic Industry Association
China hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association

MA/MAC Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder

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MA/MAC Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder

Not only the fixed cushion, the adjustable cushion is also optional in the end of the cylinder, so that it will be calm when changing the directions.

With magnet
A magnet is installed on the piston, by switching the button to check the operation position of the cylinder.

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