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SCD Series Twin-Ends Cylinder

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SCD Series Twin-Ends Cylinders

Heat resistance performance
With anti-heat material, the working temperature of the cylinder could be up to 150℃ .
Multi Installation Method
Multi installation accessories are available.
With magnet
A magnet is installed on the piston, by switching the button to check the operation position of the cylinder.


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Control component

Control component series : 2W series Solenoid Valve , 2V series Solenoid Valve , 3V1 series Solenoid Valve , 3V100 series Solenoid Valve , 3V200 series Solenoid Valve , 3V300 series Solenoid Valve , 4V100 series Solenoid Valve , 4V200 series Solenoid Valve ,
4V300 series Solenoid Valve , VF series Solenoid Valve , 4A100 Series Air Valve , 4A200 Series Air Valve , 4A300 Series Air Valve , 3R Series Hand Valve , 4R Series Hand Valve , 3H/4H Series Hand Valve , HV Series Hand Valve , HS Series Hand Valve , 4F/FV Foot Operated Valve , Foot Operated Valve Other , MOV Series Mechanical Valve , JM Series Mechanical Valve , RE Series Flow Control Valve , ASC Series Flow Control Valve , QE Series Quick Exhaust Valve , KA/CV Series Check Valve , 4V/4A Solenoid Valve Seat .

Air treatment

S Series Air Treatment Component
AC2000-5000 Air Combination
AC2010 5010 Air Combination
AR Series Regulator
AL Series Lubricator
AW Filter Regulator
AF Series Filter

Auxiliary Component

One Touch Fittings 
KL Series Connectors 
C quick couplers  
Silencers/Brass Fittings 
PU Tube
Air Guns

Solenoid Valve Features

3V200 Solenoid Valve Features :
1) Adopts integral slot throttle structure
2) Structure type: guiding valve type
3) Material: aluminum, stainless steel, nitric rubber
4) Temperature: 0 - 80°C
5) Working pressure: 0 - 1MPa
6) Voltage: DC 24V, AC 24V / 110V / 220V (50 / 60Hz)
7) Level of protection: IP54
8) Valve hole is processed with special high precision finishing technique
9) Widely applied to pneumatic systems

Solenoid valves


Solenoid valve is a basic component in automatic flow control, it is actuator but not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic. Solenoid valve is mainly used to control the direction of hydraulic flow, machines in plant are usually controled by hydraulic cylinder and thus the solenoid valve is applyed. generally , solenoid valve manufacturers in China not only produce hydraulic solenoid valve, they mainly manufacturer hydraulic-pneumatic combined two way solenoid valve.

2W Solenoid Valve 3V1 Solenoid Valve 4V100 Solenoid Valve
2V Solenoid Valve 3V100 Solenoid Valve 4V200 Solenoid Valve
 VF Solenoid Valve 3V200 Solenoid Valve 4V300 Solenoid Valve
  3V300 Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve Seat
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