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China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2009

Owns China's 2nd largest oilfield---Shengli Oilfield, Dongying locates in the economic center of Shandong province, contributes a lot in the course of Shandong's economic construction. By the end of 2007, Dongying's total output value of enterprises engaged in oil equipment was up to 1.62 billion USD, and net profit has reached nearly 1.461 million USD, accounting for 31.3%, and 21.7% of China respectively.

Besides, Dongying city gathers majority of large and famous oil and gas production companies, equipment manufactures and energy-related engineering and consulting firms. China University of Petroleum is also situated in the city having 25 research centers for petroleum exploration.

People Ele.Appliance Group held Brand Culture Expo

People Ele.Appliance Group held Brand Culture Expo
February 1st 2009 during China Electrical Appliance Culture Festival, there is one exhibition stand in B zone swarmed with visitors but do not see any products .-The innovative and creative of the exhibition is because of strong joint of the People Electrical Appliance Group with ,presenting a unique "culture feast" for the Ninth China Electrical Appliance Culture Festival , attracted many visitors and they gave high evaluation of it.

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