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Time:OCT 28th-30th, 2009
Supporting Department:
China Machinery Industry League
Zhejiang Province Machinery Industry League

China Plastic Machinery Industry Association
China Machine Tool Industry Association
Shandong Province Machinery Industry Association
Guangdong Province Machinery Industry Association 

Undertaking Department:
Zhejiang Machine Industry Association
Hangzhou Chuangjie Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Exhibition Service Executive:
Hangzhou Chuangjie Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Economy of Yiwu develops rapidly with the path of information industry as the guide, modern manufacture industry as the center. Yiwu experienced 24 years development process. As currently the "worldis largest small commodity wholesale market," we should forge its own as an international business city in the future, to rely on modern technology, high-tech manufacturing industry. In order to effectively push forward the development of Yiwu small commodity market to a new level, transformation and upgrade of Yiwu manufacturing sector is the key and an important part to achieve "high-level breakthrough and high-level development". Under the current circumstances, Yiwu development of the manufacturing industry is facing new development opportunities. So it needs to take a new industrialization road, to exert to adjust and optimize industrial structure, to speed up the transformation the mode of economic growth, to create Yiwu advanced manufacturing base and to enhance the overall strength of the industrial economy, vitality and competitiveness Force.

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