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China valve manufacturing Industry visit Japan valve Industry

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The representatives from China valve manufacturing Industry visit Japan valve Industry

Under the lead of the president of China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA), SuiYongBin , the 30 delegates from China Valve manufacturing industry went to Japan valve manufacturing Industry to conduct a 10-day investigation about the valve technology. With the hospitality and the elaborate arrangement of Japan valve Association, we visited six main Japanese valve manufacturing enterprises such as KVK, OKM, OKANO etc. The counterparts between the two countries conducted many communications and discussions about the market prospect, the product research, the application of the new material of the valve industry as well as the valve processing and manufacturing etc. As expected, the visit gained a complete success. All the delegates returned to the country as schedules with great triumph.
This visit is the largest in scale since 20 years ago, the valve associations between the two countries conducted the first of its kind. China Valve Industry Association (CVA) gained hospitality from the Japan valve Association together with the best reception. The two countries established a friendly mutual-visit mechanism. At the same time, we are greatly impressed by Japan's valve enterprises. First, The Japanese valve enterprises stress more on in the internal of both enterprise and product centered on the humanity. Second, attach great important to the technical aspect of the product and the quality control .Third, emphasize on the management, implementing systematic and standardized management. Fourth, have sets of advanced equipments, and complete inspection implements, all of these guaranteed a good quality for their products. Fifth, A full advantage of the human resource improved the labor productivity, and workers have a strong sense of responsibility.
This visit broadened our views,and let us find the gap and defeciency. We are greatly inspired. This successful visit will also definitely give impetus to the technical progress and the product adjusting of our country's valve industry. 

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