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China Valve Industry Association (CVA)

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China Valve Industry Association (CVA)

China Valve Industry Association was founded formally in June of 1988, which is one of the nine branches in China General Mechanical Industry Association as well as named as only nationwide specialty association in valve industry. The members of the valve industry branch are the enterprises including valve manufacturing corporation、scientific research academy、junior college academy and the social institutions which are engaged in developing、designing and manufacturing valves.
Our China Valve Industry Association now has about 400 members and has more than 100000 persons who are engaged in this Valve industry, including more than 8000 engineering technical persons. The total annual output of valves is more than one million ton and the annual income is over 20 billion yuan. There are 12 species( brake valve、butterfly valve、shutoff valve、throttle valve、membrane valve、ball valve、stopcock valve、check valve、safety valve、 pressure reducing valve、water drainage valve and other valves), almost 4000 models and more than 20000 specifications. The valves which are satisfying the needs of national economy are also used to exploit the international market and are exported to more than 40 countries and areas with the annual export quantum exceeding 5 billion yuan.
The function of the association is improving gradually and its social function is also enhancing gradually accompanying the reform of our country's economic system becoming much deeper continually. The valve branch may supply the members with the relevant guidelines and policy information from party and nation, consumer's dynamic information and market information etc, and it can build up an optimized communication platform for the valve industry. The valve branch is gradually becoming the bridge and tache between the government and the enterprises.
Under the lead of the China General Machinery Industry Association, Our association will make concerted efforts to serve our members and contribute to the prosperity and development of our country's valve industry.

 China Valve Industry Association
 Address: 503-2-B-1,No.9 CheGongZhuang Street Xicheng District,Beijing, China
 Post Code: 100044
 Tel: 086-010-88393558 /  88393528
 Fax: 086-010-88393558
 Contact Person: YinLi.Song, Cindy

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