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People Electrical Appliance to support "Shenqi" fly into outer space

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People Electrical Appliance to support "Shenqi" fly into outer space

PEOPLE brand are mainly used to launch the key base facilities and assisted construction projects

25th of september 2008, an important day of  China space history - the success of Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft launch. When good news came, attracted worldwide attention .The world  focused attention on China once again, People Electrical Appliance Group become ecstatic as well as all of the sons and daughters of China all over the world which is located in the East China Sea . because "Shenqi" 's successful launch, there is a dedication of People Electrical Appliance.

 People Electrical Appliance, as the electrical products suppliers of Chang'e (lunar exploration) project, the success of last year to help "Chang'e One"to fly, caused widespread concern in the industry. As a famous aerospace city in China, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, a comprehensive optimization of the electrical equipment suppliers in recent years, all products through open tender.People Electrical Appliance is base on their excellent electrical product quality, excellent technology, excellent service and high brand awareness visibility, standing out among many manufacturers,to undergo a rigorous inspection and evaluation by the relevant departments of the base of the highly recognized as the "Shenzhou" series of electrical equipment suppliers.

The product or components of "Shenzhou VII" involved in highly demanding. If it is said that "Shenzhou V" is a test of the spacecraft, "Shenzhou VI" Two astronauts are mainly involved in the in-orbit spacecraft flight, and " Shenzhou VII"" is to bear the historic task of the Chinese astronaut to realise extravehicular activities first time .According to introduction, followed by the launch of the "Shen VIII " with the " Shen IX," the spacecraft's orbital module to stay in the air makes China realize docking of spacecraft the first time.
It is understood that People Electrical Appliance and Jiuquan city has maintained cooperative relations for many years, a large number of circuit breakers, AC contactors, or wire and cable was taken to the launch site, mainly for key facilities of spacecraft launch and ancillary projects 's construction of the base every year.

Pneumatic valve , Solenoid valve , Pneumatic cylinder , China Pneumatic


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