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The United States guests visited People Ele. Appliance

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The United States guests visited People Electrical Appliance

7th of June 2008, the United States Partner Mr. Lin Jiefu paid a visit to People Electrical Appliance Group. Accompanied by General Manager, Ye Yusen ,the guests visited the group exhibition to learn more about the history of the development of the Group of the people, the development model, corporate culture, social values, leading industries, diversified development, as well as received honors for these years and so on. After then , Mr Lin and the other members also visited the production site in Zhejiang Province and pneumatic components , solenoid valves division of the people groups of modern production equipment, pipeline operation, high efficiency, expressed appreciation for the productive capacity.

Mr. Lin said: "The characteristics of "People Group" 's  mode of development and the pace of development is entirely possible to enter the international development arena, they  can go to the United States to cooperate with the world-class enterpriese, making more space for development." At the end of symposium ,Mr. Lin again recommended People Electrical Appliance to go to the United States to open the market in New York, because New York is America's political, economic, and cultural center, is the world's most economically prosperous place where many the first world-class enterprises exist .If People Electrical Appliance go to open up the development  channels, can quicken international standards of corporate governance, expand areas of cooperation, quiken finance circulation. General manager Ye Yusen expressed his thanks and welcome guests to visit the people again to understand continunously at their's convenience, strengthen cooperation and work together for world economic development.

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