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solenoid valve common uses

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solenoid valve common uses

A common use for 2 way solenoid valves is in central heating. The solenoid valves are controlled by an electrical signal from the thermostat to regulate the flow of heated water to the heating elements within the occupied space. Such valves are particularly useful when multiple heating zones are fed by a single heat source. Commercially available solenoid valve for this purpose are often referred to as zone valves.

Another common use for solenoid valves is in automatic irrigation sprinkler systems. See also Controller (irrigation).

In the paintball industry solenoid valve are usually referred to simply as "solenoids." They are commonly used to control a larger valve used to control the propellant (usually compressed air or CO2). In the industry, "solenoid" may also refer to an electromechanical solenoid commonly used to actuate a sear.

Solenoid valves are also used for air control, to control fluid flow, and in pharmacology experiments, especially for patch-clamp, which can control the application of agonist or antagonist.

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