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 China PEOPLE group pneumatic equipment CO.,LTD (China pneumatic) main products range include pneumatic component, Execute component, Control component, Auxiliary Component, Air treatment, pneumatic cylindersAlloy Mini Cylinder, Standard CylinderCompact CylinderTwin-Ends CylinderStainless Steel Mini Cylinder, Pneumatic valves, Hand Operated Valve, Foot operated valve, Mechanical valve, ASC Flow Control Valve, Flow control valve, Check valve, Quick exhaust valve, Air Valve, Air Operated Valve, Flow control valve, solenoid valves, air filter, air preparation, lubricator, regulator, PU hose, quick tube connector, pneumatic fittingsPneumatic accessoriesPneumatic equipmentsPneumatic parts etc. 

China pneumatic Manufacturers

 The China's People electrical apparatus group is one of the top 500 enterprises, China pneumatic founded in 1996.

China pneumatic suppliers

People Pneumatic Co., Ltd is a sub-company of People Group, a professional pneumatic component manufacturer in industrial and process automation. With thousands kind of products, people pneumatic will fill out most of the customers requirement. Our main products range include pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve, air filter, air combination, lubricator, regulator, PU hose, quick tube connector/pneumatic fittings etc. With long time service expreience in industrial automation field, we shall be your right selection and helper on improving your productivity. Click here to read more about people pneumatic.

Pneumatic valves

pneumatic valves Air operated valve
Hand operated valve
Foot operated valve
Mechanical valve
Flow control valve
Quick exhaust valve
Check valve

Solenoid valves

solenoid valve
2W Solenoid Valve 3V1 Solenoid Valve 4V100 Solenoid Valve
2V Solenoid Valve 3V100 Solenoid Valve 4V200 Solenoid Valve
VF Solenoid Valve 3V200 Solenoid Valve 4V300 Solenoid Valve
  3V300 Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve Seat

Air treatments


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