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ISO6432 Air pneumatic cylinder standards

China PEOPLE pneumatic component designs, manufactures, develops and distributes technologically advanced ISO 6432 products to the global market. Has it all technology, ISO 6432  products, service, support, and a commitment to providing technical ISO 6432  to our customers.

Pneumatic standard

ISO 8778:2003 specifies a standard atmospheric reference value
ISO 15218-2003 Pneumatic fluid power - 3/2 solenoid valve
ASTM F1348 / F1348M - 91(2007) Standard Specification for Pneumatic Rotary Descaling Machines
JIS B8473-1994 Fuel oil pipe line -- Solenoid valves
JIS B8471-1994 Water pipe line -- Solenoid valves

Pneumatic standards

The pneumatic standards in China
GB/T 14513-1993
Pneumatic fluid power. Determination of flowrate characteristics of pneumatic components
GB/T 777-1985
Analogue pneumatic signal for industrial process measurement and control instruments
GB/T 786.1-1993
Fluid power systems and components. Graphic symbols and circuit diagrams. Part 1: Graphic symbols
GB 3452.1-1992
Fluid systems;O-rings;Inside diameters,cross-sections,tolerances and size identification code

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